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        Thank you for visiting ol' Merlin's shop. To keep going and take our project to the next level we need your help. Without your support this is as far as we can go, which is why we appreciate you guys n gals so much! It's because of you that we are getting closer to our end goal.  Every purchase here on the store or in any music streaming service that you make to support us is helping us get closer to making the first movie, recording the next album, marketing the project or just in general helping us keep doing what we do!... and we LOVE you for it!

        We're VERY excited about our initial product roll out! We think we have some really cool stuff that all of the fans will love as much as we do. Keep your eyes peeled as we will always be unrolling new products and updating the store!


        Enjoy and happy shopping! We love you to the moon and back!