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The                       Elite Fleet

  • The Galactic Republic of Independent Planets (G.R.I.P.) Interstellar Transport and Observation Avrocraft Special Class 9 is one of the most advanced and sophisticated space travel vehicles in this sector of the known universe.
  • Crafted specifically to meet the needs of it's crew, this avrocraft is perfectly outfitted for all the toughest elements of space travel and rigged to serve it's purpose as the most elite observation and entertainment squad vehicle in the entire GRIP Elite Fleet.
  • Known for it's top of class speed and maneuverability and dubbed "Athena" by it's endearing crew members, this craft also sports one of the most unique Artificially Integrated Operating Systems in the known universe rivaled only by that of it's own predecessor the Special Class 8 - ZEUS.

 Steve Green is notorious across the universe for the power that he yields.

Mr. Green's exact age is a bit of a mystery but there are rumors that he has been re-embodied several times, possibly even in other physical entities other than Short Greys. Some say his entire consciousness has been downloaded into his nano-tech crown.​ His abilities are endless making it nearly true when he says he "sees all and hears all and can do something about it."

 As the captain of the Galactic Republic's most infamous ship, the Athena, Mr. Green and his crew roam the galaxy (and traverse through time) almost at will. Even though their official position is that of a satellite maintenance crew, Mr, Green and his squad seem to have a tremendous amount of pull and freedom in the G.R.I.P. organization.

A talented musician and performer of his own right, Mr. Green has been the driving force in the organization of his crew's band, Lost in LookingTM

Mr. Green's diet consists solely of ingesting high grade cannabis. It is the reason for the green tone of his otherwise grey skin and is well known as the secret to some of his most incredible abilities.


He always has his heart in the right place but this mixed up human, out of his element, is no one's hero. Even the word 'hero' makes him cringe. Dustin has been very melancholy about his position since his abduction and his admission into the G.R.I.P. Recruitment for Advancement Program. He is very vocal about his suspicions of the whole operation and openly questions the G.R.I.P.'s authority, often embarrassing his captain Mr. Green in the process.

On Earth, Dustin was a struggling musician. He often questioned his own drive and initiative for his craft and was very insecure, always assuming the worst about himself and his talents. His struggle with depression and anxiety lead him down a lonely path before being abducted and recruited.

He's very self conscious about his receding hair line and his glasses so his signature Detroit cap tilted in any direction on his head is a social comfort he doesn't like to be without.


It's known that Mr. Green has rigged Dustin's entire wardrobe, including hat and glasses, with some of the most advanced nano-tech in the known universe. Dustin's unique ability to tap into his human brain's evolutionary potential helps him take full advantage of his tech and make one hell of a skilled pilot.


This rag tag team wouldn't be the same without their light hearted Reptilian mechanic making things entertaining and keeping things in working order... well most of of the time things are working. Mr. Green may constantly razz Cory about his lack of engineering skills in front of the crew but behind closed doors Mr. Green defends the skills of his crew's mechanic endlessly. 

Cory Nebulon is a member of one of the original royal families of Reptilians that conquered and ruled the planet Earth in the distant past when Earth was known as Terra and dominated by reptile life including the intelligent reptilian bi-pedal ruling class. During the extinction of the dinosaurs a large group of Reptilians escaped to the Alpha Draconis star system where they found their new home planet and named it Terra Maxios. 

Cory Nebulon is a very talented artist and guitarist in his own right. Cory found himself on the Athena crew after touring the universe with his own band Grimeball. After Mr. Green assisted Nebulon in galactic conflict between another competing Reptilian race Cory Nebulon vowed his services as crew member of the Athena in return. They have been working together since.


Light entities are some of the most mysterious creatures in the known Universe. Little is known about their origin or their actual intent but they are known as some of the friendliest beings you could come across while traversing the cosmos. Rell is as much of a mystery as any of his fellow light entities, maybe even more so, but no member of the Athena crew would ever question his loyalties or his intentions. Rell is one of the most free spirited, fun loving creatures you could ever meet

Light entities have no speaking voice. They communicate through expression. Expressive sounds are Rell's favorite form of creating a back and forth. Rell speaks entirely in saxophone-like tones. It seems that Mr. Green and Rell have an established back and forth and it usually seems like Mr. Green may actually be able to understand Rell although he will never actually affirm that he does. 

The crew is very protective of their light friend even though he may be the most capable of defending himself other than the powerful crew leader Mr. Green. Rell is a lover. It takes a lot to get him angry, but you better watch out if you do...


This chimp was famously the first living being sent to Space by the Earth humans. The humans chose to tell the civilians of the planet that Popo returned to them safely... that was not true.


Once out of Earth's atmosphere, Popo's rocketship was met by a group of starships from the G.R.I.P. Elite Fleet and taken back to the Moon Headquarters along with his rocket.

The Earth Humans quickly covered up the  incident and staged a fake landing, complete with a replacement chimpanzee who made the rounds on the late night TV shows of the time and was famously dubbed 'The Space Chimp'. Anyone who really knows anything knows that THIS Popo is the real Space Chimp!

The real Popo has been in space since. The poor guy was the subject of some terrible experiments before being rescued by Mr. Green. Popo was left highly altered with a range of abilities and extremely heightened intelligence. He is now known to be one of the top botanists/scientist in the galaxy... aka..he grows the BEST buds in the universe! Don't touch his plants though.


T-Bot is the longest standing member of Mr. Green's crew and has been his head of security since Mr. Green built T-Bot. Don't let the small stature and cuteness of this little robot fool you. This guy holds his own in any Galactic encounter and coordinates the squads movements when they go into action. 

 T-Bot is built out of the nano technology directly from Mr. Green crown. The mysterious and extremely powerful technology not only makes him one hell of a force to be reckoned with but is also the source of his calm and cool A.I. personality.


T-Bot's silky smooth, deep bass toned voice may not match his tiny bot body but it certainly match his legendary bass guitar skills perfectly. T-Bot is known across the Universe for all the bass work and music production he's done, working with some of the most famous musicians in the Galaxy.



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