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 This is our story.      
     Lost in Looking came together as much more of a music collective than as a formally committed band. All of our team members are working musicians and artists with their own amazing musical projects and endeavors going on. 
    The idea for the Moon Project EP and it's connection to the concept of a bigger, animated film has been something that's been in the works for years. When vocalist and songwriter Bryan Polsinelli linked up with Nick Morris of Luxor Records in Plymouth, Michigan back in late 2017 they began recording the framework for the songs that would then over the next fews years be developed into the Moon Project EP. Lost in Looking aims to bring you a flavor of music that you can't quite put your finger on... but can't stop dancing to!
    Our group features some of the most talented individuals in southeast Michigan and the world, ranging in expertise and genre styles that span from hip hop, hard rock, punk, classical, metal, jazz and more. We hope that you find the Moon Project EP to be something refreshing and new to yours ears and soul.
    We hope you'll find that the story connected to this EP just brings the enjoyment of the music to a whole new level as we all journey through the stages of taking this whole idea from concept to a real Hollywood level production together. We're hoping that by involving you, the fans, in the process of creation we can do something unique as a collective. By showing you our steps, sharing with you the finished pieces in the most interactive way possible and seeking out fan collaborators we think we can all take this from one hell of a fun EP... to one amazing and inspiring finished product!
Thanks again for your support! Hope you all enjoy! Have fun, live for love and look to the Moon!
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Remember Your Name

(Verse 1)

Chillin at the bar, like a star

Will she shoot away

It's like I don't even know her name

But I do, so consumed, by the space in my head

N the room just stops when she look around

N She said, I'm living on the edge of this and

I knew that's were I would find her again

She said, we should be over this and

I knew that's when it would happen again


N do I even wanna,

Remember your name (X4)

Do I even?


See me, I'm really gonna be doin' me

Low key, like a G

Creamy peanut butter

Gatorade flow, so smooth

Bet the haters can't wait till I move

That flavor, he go so cool

N he ain't no fool

Probably break a few rules

But she...

Got me me twisted man

(Verse 2)

She just walks like the space age

Starts and ends with her face paint

Break your back, it's not enough

You'll never get your way

N she said, of course you would find me here

I knew that she was waiting awhile

N she said, this is the last of this and

I knew that's when I had to break it away



Do I even, Do I even?

Do I even, Do I even?

Come on girl

You know I could never forget your name

Space Man
(Verse 1)
It's like you sucked the O2
Right out the room when you walked out
Now it's like I never even know you
What we went through, we didn't even go through
Time didn't get spent, no money , no rent
Love doesn't make sense, were we go to
For the people we love, put 'em all above
Anything, everything
Put the bubble on my head
Joined the shuttle team instead
I'm an astronaut, and this astronaut ass about ta
Take off, take off
Take all of this misplaced anger and
Leave it in it's place on this planet
With all of my bitch ass fears
'Bout to jump ship
Packed up my spaceship
And you will find me
Underneath the stars
I won't be sorry
For anything I've done
Space man
Walking on the moon
'Bout to float away
Space man
Flying at the speed of sound
You gotta let him go
Space man
'Bout to float away
(Verse 2)
I started thinking 
I could sing my way back to you
You wouldn't tell me no
But you wouldn't say it's true
I lost a sister
On my journey from outer space
I Couldn't bare another
Then it was your face
'Bout to jump ship
Packed up my spaceship
Be Gone
(Verse 1)
By the time you woke
It's like the words you spoke
Ain't never meant nothing really
It's like this world's a joke
N all these people done choked
On the words of a killer
N all y'all see is the body of lies
As the truth just fly right by your eyes
So go ahead now
Order up your burger and fries 
How the hell y'all people gon' act suprised
N I ain't any better, I ain't vegan man
But I don't eat the meat when it's bleeding
Damn, believe, but leave it where you leave it and
Me, I just like hangin' with my people, FAM!
This that place where
We finally feeling happy and 
If you ain't here for the party,
Then what you here for?
You got the moves
Now shake 'em baby
If you ain't here for the party
Then you should be gone
(Verse 2)
Life. Is. Stranger. Things bring danger
Lord king was born in a manger
But religion ain't religion if it aims to tame ya
Gotta be free, Lord knows
Gotta be free, Lost souls
Put your hands in the air, light ya lighters
Leave the bad in the past
Keep the good beside us
All my people here just a bunch of riders
N we gonna keep riding till the spirit rises
Guns up blazing so there's no suprises
Real American tribe
Real American pride, and
I just wanna be free, yeah, yeah
We just wanna be free
(Verse 3)
This for the people
Seein' all the bad going 'round
Jumpin' over like Knievel
Evil can't catch ya if ya runnin', keep runnin'
Keep ya feet on the ground and keep going
Stay above it, keep the love in
It's your life, ain't nobody gonna see you
Into the light
Third eye blind, yeah they can be tight
But you really, really blind
Let me crack your forehead open
And open your mind
I know it's kind of silly
But this for the people that's open and willing
Moonlight Baby
(Verse 1)
There she was in the rain with her coat on
Taking it off
There she was with her eyes so intense
Like a cobra
Staring me down
I said hey there little miss
My soul could not dismiss
Guilty conscience would eat away
If I never stopped to stay
If I Never thought to check
Was that lady just a mess, or like...
"No really, you alright? You need some help?"
(Chorus 1)
She said I just wanna dance
In the moonlight baby
She said I just wanna dance
In the moonlight baby
Ooo, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ooo, yeah, yeah, yeah
(Verse 2)
There she was with her toes in the sand
And her clothes off, shaking her ass
There I was, once again
But this time I just know her
Just know her ways
Yeah, know her ways
N she looks back and says
"Boy you better take all them clothes off,
We're making it now"
N I could never resist
That body or that kiss
N if I gotta dance, just to get myself a chance
(Chorus 2)
I said I just wanna dance
With my moonlight baby
I said I just wanna dance
With my moonlight baby
Ooo, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ooo, yeah, yeah, yeah
(Verse 3)
N as the moon shone down
Everybody looked around
At these two dancing fools
Feeling cool in the nude
N the circle closed up, as everybody got closer
N all the women and the men
Yeah, they all took their clothes off
N like one giant tribe
We were dancing in the rain
With our toes in the sand
Not a thing in our brains
N not a thing could-a stopped us
No cop helicopters
Or all the little people
Who wanna put us all in boxes
N socks is for squares
N the square is a dance
So quit your complaining
Drop those fucking pants
(Chorus 3 - Outro)
We just wanna dane
In the moonlight baby
Yeah, hey, yeah
Cuz when the moonlight comes
You better get out way
We just wanna dane
In the moonlight baby
Yeah, hey, yeah
Cuz when the moonlight comes
You better get out way
Cuz we just wanna dance
In the moonlight baby
Yeah we just wanna dance
In the moonlight baby
Cuz when the moonlight comes
You better get out the way
Out the way
Out the way
Out the way
Stay Humble
(Verse 1)
Mama told me not to run, but
Daddy taught me how to
Daddy taught me how to
Mama told me not to shoot the gun, but
Daddy taught me how to
Daddy taught me how to
Like look, click boom
New generation
Look at what we facin'
People all complacent 
I dunno, it's a new kind of Nation
Different kind of value system
Different kinds of places
Where is it?
That love, that love that we're missing
Where is it?
That time, that time that we're pissin' away
It's like the vision is grey
Where is it now?
Is the love just gone away?
Cuz you got no definition
Where is now?
Is the love just gone away?
Love just gone away, no definition 
It's just a blend of color 
It's just a blend of color
It's just a blend of color
Stay humble
Keep your feet on the ground
(Verse 2)
Stay ready, don't shed no tear
To move these fucking mountains
We gotta remove fear
How dare I simplify for your ear
But if I'm complex, what's next you won't hear
Your checks they won't clear
The balance it ain't there
The people they won't care
How dare I stare the truth in the face
And it hurts, but what could be worse?
Like we all don't take a ride in a hearse
Like may I switch it up
Hey, you listen up
The people yeah we had enough
The information addin' up
We kickin' fear and choosin' love
Chicken wings, we grillin' up
Beans and mash, can't get enough
Party boy, we turning' up
I said turn it up
Dial in a little bit
Sweet and sour, sour patch, when I let it rip
Bass bumpin', money jumpin' when we make a hit
Livin' life and I'ma live it up a little bit!
Where is it now?
Is the love just gone away?
Cuz you got no definition
Where is now?
Is the love just gone away?
Love just gone away, no definition
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